Quality music lessons in Melborunes northern suburbs.

Here at Greenvale Music School you can be confident that you will receive quality music lessons with our well educated teachers.

All of our experienced teachers have a degree in music or have taken the equivalent accredited examinations and we aim to make every students musical journey educational and enjoyable experience.

Like personalities, everyone’s musical taste and goals are different. We have the skill to be flexible towards your needs and have experience teaching all types of music genres, experience levels and ages.

So whether you are looking to complete credited musical examinations with meticulous details or your just want to play your favorite songs at home, we can help you.

If your leaning towards the examination path you can feel confident in our brilliant track record. We pride ourselves on excellent results and we commend our students who often receive Distinction results (Equivalent of an A) and never anything below a B.

If your looking for a more relaxed approach? Many of our students choose not to take exams and focus on other musical aspects. This is absolutely ok. In fact learning music in a relaxed setting works best for most of our students. We understand that it’s your hobby. It’s our hobby to, we just decided we didn’t want to stop.

Either way learning music is fun, but it also does take a lot of years and hard work to become good at your chosen instrument. The great news is you can take many different paths to become good.

In summary, if you take lessons at Greenvale Music School you will find:

A professional and clean facility.
Friendly and professional staff.
Flexible lessons for all different musical taste and goals.
Any age or experience levels welcome.
AMEB ANSCA and VCE examinations for all instruments.

Have a look at our more detailed information about what you will learn in in classes on the

Want more?! Greenvale Music School is excited to announce that in 2016 we will be entering our fifth year of operation and we will be introducing a whole new level of musical opportunities next year.

You can look forward to joining this thriving music school which is adapting to the here and now.

We will still offer our individual lessons as well as a variety of other musical opportunities. Take a look at the list:

Rock Band
A Capella Choir
Song writing class
Musical Theatre class
Drama Class

Quarterly workshops on music performance, operations, industry and much more.
Monthly concerts
Music competitions and extra performance opportunities.

Last but not least our recording studio which will be available for students.


Get to know about the director

Hi I’m Jenaye and I am the director and owner of Greenvale Music School.

I hold a ‘Bachelor of Music’ degree from NMIT, majoring in singing and have around fifteen years of learning, performing experience.

I am passionate and dedicated towards my job and teaching. I specialize in VCE music exams and Contemporary/Musical Theater and Jazz styles, but teach a wide variety of music genres and styles. I also have experience with and incorporate aspects of Estill vocal training in my teaching method.

Apart from my music teaching qualifications I also teach music therapy lessons for Autism. I am qualified with AMAZE Autism Victoria and teach individual music lessons during the day at a few different primary schools in the area. I look forward to 2016 when I will be able to also provide these special needs lessons at Greenvale Music School.

Ultimately I strive to encourage and teach all rounded musicians. While it is important to teach the essentials I believe it is essential to take care in learning about each students individual musical desires and finding a way to provide them with the information and skills they need, but in a way that they enjoy so they can continue to enjoy music for years to come.

Please note that Greenvale Music School is a multi-teacher studio. All teachers hold a WWC (Working with children check) and appropriate qualifications for teaching their specific instruments. The teachers keep me updated with how their students are going and I communicated with them the values that are important to me so that we can create one cohesive and educational experience.


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